HALF-HALF Sacha Inchi powder & icing sugar

This half-half is a mixture 50% Sacha Inchi powder, 50% icing sugar. It replaces almond powder and makes it easy to make succulent macaroons, almond creams, Joconde biscuits, Basque cakes, pie pastry …

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Sacha Inchi Powder is a very good source of complete proteins and contains all the essentials amino acids, fibers facilitating digestion, and unsaturated fatty acids (Omega3, 6 and 9). Non-GMO. Processed in a gluten and peanut-free facility. No additives or preservatives are used.

This powder has kept all its oil and especially its Omega 3. It fits ideally in the recipes of pastry and bakery:
• Financial / almond cookies.
• Bourdalou tart (Sacha Inchi / Pear).
• Frangipane Sacha Inchi (for Galette des rois).

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50% Plukenetia volubilis, 50% icing sugar




84 cartons – 764kg – 2772 units, Ref. 943-250-30, Zip aluminum bag, 33 Bags/carton


Ref. 943-500-30, Sealed plastic bags, 20 Bags/carton, 84 cartons – 916kg – 1680 units

Sacha Inchi

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