Maï Savanh Lao Company



It is with great pleasure that Maï Savanh Lao bring to you this latest website on all our products, fulfilling our aim to be a major supplier of Sacha Inchi in its many forms. We farm Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis) and process it into what we believe is an exciting range of products. Important to us is the provision we offer in being that link between the farmers here in Laos and the end customer.

Our commitment is to share one of the world’s most healthy foods available and continue to support the development of this product further into the future.

Our principles remain our strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, which are reflected in the recognition we have gained as a Fair Trade certified enterprise as of 2009. We are proud of this achievement and will strive to do even better. What is important for us is the position we occupy in being this link between the farmer here in Laos and the end customer.

Please contact us as we look forward to the conversation with you and all enquires will be very welcome.


Dr. Philippe Schmidt

CEO and Co-founder Maï Savanh Lao

March 2018



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